Excellence through expertise

For over 20 years, Minot Milling has strived to achieve new standards of excellence—both in product quality and service. Continual investments in our farmer relationships, mills, processes and R&D have seen us become the preferred flour supplier to a national client base. From testing incoming grain to loading finished flour, every milling operation has been expertly designed to deliver a product you can rely on for quality and consistency.

Supporting yourinnovation

Minot Milling is proud to offer our partners a level of service that goes beyond milling grain into flour. Let us work with you to develop creative solutions to new and existing challenges.

New product development, including expert knowledge that goes beyond the fundamentals of mixing, sheeting, baking, frying and other food manufacturing processes

Organic at massive scale, supported by long-term investments in a best-practice organic supply chain

Formula engineering and optimization for durum, hard red spring and blended flour products

Farmer-direct sourcing and specialized elevators to assure quality and traceability


Durum Wheat

There’s a reason why Minot Milling’s dedicated durum mill processes 22,000 bushels daily. Durum is the top wheat choice for making premium pasta products worldwide. It’s important to understand how durum’s unique properties impact the quality of the deriving goods. Let’s look at what sets durum apart from other wheat varieties:

  • Durum is the hardest of all wheats and gives pasta a desired al dente bite
  • It is high in both protein and gluten
  • Its components give pasta a firm and consistent cooking quality
  • Durum wheat kernels are amber-colored and larger than other wheat kernels
  • Its endosperm gives pasta a golden color

Although it only represents 5–8% of worldwide wheat production, durum remains the second most cultivated wheat behind common bread wheat. Most US durum comes from the Northern Plains region, with North Dakota producing nearly three-fourths of the crop. Minot Milling understands the importance of quality durum and its impact on the product.

Hard Red Spring Wheat

Minot Milling’s Hard Red Spring (HRS) wheat line is known for the same superior quality as our Durum line. However, its key properties and capabilities are notably different. HRS is the go-to choice for producing some of the world’s finest baked breads and goods. Here’s why:

  • HRS has the highest protein content of all wheats with levels reaching up to 16%
  • High protein content = high gluten content
  • High-gluten wheat improves the elasticity and extensibility of the dough
  • HRS improves a dough’s handling, mixing and water absorption characteristics 
  • Durum and HRS complement each other and are often mixed

Like Durum, HRS is a hard wheat primarily grown in the Northern Plains region. North Dakota alone accounts for more than half the nation’s supply. Minot Milling has two dedicated HRS mills that use sustainable methods to process roughly 13,000 bushels of high-performing HRS daily.

Flour Offerings

Minot understands that consumer experience depends on achieving the right blend. That’s why our menu features an extensive mix of common conventional, organic and blended flours that promise high performance and value.

For custom flour milled and/or blended to your specifications, please contact us to work with our head miller.

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  • 90200 Whole Wheat Flour 12% Pro
  • 90250 Durum Whole Wheat 12.5% Pro
  • 91000 Bonanza Bulk Extra Fancy 12% Pro
  • 92000 Heartland Durum Granular 12.5% Pro
  • 93000 Bonanza Fancy Patent 12% Pro
  • 94275 Prairie Best 12.5% +/- 0.2 Pro
  • 94300 Prairie Rose 13% +/- 0.2 Pro
  • 94375 Prairie Gold 13.45% +/- 0.15 Pro
  • 94400 Prairie Sun 13.7% +/- 0.2 Pro
  • 94506 Prairie Perfection 14% +/- 0.2 Pro
  • 95725 Durum/Spring Flour Blend
  • 95775 75% Durum/ 25% Spring Blend
  • 96200 Palermo Durum Clear 14% Pro
  • 99000 Millfeed – Pellets
  • 90300 Semolina-Organic
  • 90310 Organic Blend 75S/25W
  • 90400 Organic Whole Wheat
  • 93300 Organic Durum Flour
  • 99300 Organic Millfeed – Pellets

Our certifications

The Minot Milling team is committed to quality and transparency.

From grain to success

In the world of commercial milling, even the greatest successes start as small grains of potential. Our team is always eager to establish new partnerships with farmers and customers. Minot Milling believes that sharing information and best practices is key to growth. Through collaboration, it’s possible to build an integrated system to support sustainable agriculture. Please get in touch with our team today to begin exploring new business opportunities.

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