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Minot Milling is a division of Philadelphia Macaroni Company. It’s your source for semolina, hard red spring and blended flours leading the industry in quality, performance, and value.


Where farmers and food marketers grow

Philadelphia Macaroni Company, a fifth-generation family owned pasta manufacturer, founded Minot Milling in 1998. The mill supplies a broad range of flour products to the commercial food processing industry. Small and medium-sized enterprises to multinational corporations turn to us for our demonstrated ability to consistently deliver superior quality, expert knowledge and innovative solutions powered by sophisticated R&D.

Minot Milling is located in Minot, ND, the heart of North America’s largest durum and hard red spring wheat producing regions. This strategic location enables a strong supply chain, full vertical integration and direct access to the farmers growing America’s highest quality wheat.

Today, Minot Milling’s state-of-the-art mills, farmer-direct sourcing, organic specialization and focus on sustainable, regenerative practices continue our family’s unyielding commitment to quality—and helping farmers and food marketers grow together.

Our strategic location

For a wheat mill, there’s no better location in the Western Hemisphere than Minot, ND. It’s central to the farmers growing our nation’s supply of durum and hard red spring wheat (HRS). These two varieties of wheat are regarded as the best available for pasta making, baking and overall versatility.

North Dakota’s yields alone represent well over half the U.S. annual production of both durum and HRS. The state is known for consistently high-quality crops sought not just domestically, but the world over.

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Durum Wheat

The world’s best pastas get their “al dente” bite and golden hue from semolina, the special flour milled from durum, the hardest of all wheats. North Dakotan durum is recognized for its high extraction rates of bright-yellow, high-protein, strong-gluten semolina.

Our mill processes ~22,000 bushels of durum daily. Minot Milling also has access to farmer-direct sourced durum that hasn’t been blended through conventional elevators, assuring quality and traceability.

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Hard red spring wheat (HRS)

Due to its especially high protein content—topping all wheats at up to 16%—and resulting high gluten content, HRS is used in many of the world’s finest baked goods, and to add protein to flour blends. As a blending flour, it enhances water absorption, dough-handling and mixing characteristics.

Minot Milling’s two HRS mills process ~13,000 bushels daily. As with durum, farmer-direct sourced HRS enables premium quality and traceability.

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Flour Offerings

Minot understands that consumer experience depends on achieving the right blend. That’s why our menu features an extensive mix of common conventional, organic and blended flours that promise high performance and value.

For custom flour milled and/or blended to your specifications, please contact us to work with our head miller.

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  • 90200 Whole Wheat Flour 12% Pro
  • 90250 Durum Whole Wheat 12.5% Pro
  • 91000 Bonanza Bulk Extra Fancy 12% Pro
  • 92000 Heartland Durum Granular 12.5% Pro
  • 93000 Bonanza Fancy Patent 12% Pro
  • 94275 Prairie Best 12.5% +/- 0.2 Pro
  • 94300 Prairie Rose 13% +/- 0.2 Pro
  • 94375 Prairie Gold 13.45% +/- 0.15 Pro
  • 94400 Prairie Sun 13.7% +/- 0.2 Pro
  • 94506 Prairie Perfection 14% +/- 0.2 Pro
  • 95725 Durum/Spring Flour Blend
  • 95775 75% Durum/ 25% Spring Blend
  • 96200 Palermo Durum Clear 14% Pro
  • 99000 Millfeed – Pellets
  • 90300 Semolina-Organic
  • 90310 Organic Blend 75S/25W
  • 90400 Organic Whole Wheat
  • 93300 Organic Durum Flour
  • 99300 Organic Millfeed – Pellets

Our certifications

The Minot Milling team is committed to quality and transparency.