Better for Everyone

Superior quality defines us. Minot Milling recognizes that today’s efforts impact tomorrow’s product.

That’s why our mill achieves the highest standards throughout each phase of operations. Minot Milling staff works closely with farmers and customers on key issues that impact business growth and product quality. Our approach is holistic. From preserving and regenerating fertile soil to investing in a best-practice organic supply chain, Minot Milling is committed to providing sustainability for our customers and community alike.

Advocating change

Minot Milling supports regenerative agriculture. Our purposeful decisions impact each link in the supply chain. Collaboration and supported science guide our team’s actions. Minot Milling aims to preserve the base of resources that sustains us all. Minot takes great pride in shaping a positive agricultural future for everyone. And that means delivering powerful initiatives reflecting the values of our company and partners.

Material Waste Reduction

Strive to use as close to 100% of raw material as possible; nearly every grain is milled into nutritive food, with any byproducts returned to the environment to nourish animals as feed.

Environmental Protection

Collaborate with farmers to develop and help implement practices that decrease erosion and increase biodiversity and water quality, ensuring healthy crops for our future generations.

Best-Practice Organics

Protect process integrity throughout each link in the supply chain from field to consumer; pledge collective trust and transparency.

Internal and External Culture

Cultivate a culture of respect for farmer and supplier networks, employees, customers, and the community.

Responsible Community

Promote and support an environment of shared responsibility between our mill, local farmers, state government and community activists.

Partnered Goal Achievement

Be a strong partner in achieving sustainability goals by implementing, facilitating and growing initiatives at the farmer level and upstream to customers and consumers.


Join us in shaping a
more sustainable future

Minot Milling always seeks to engage and partner with others who share our vision of a more sustainable future. Whether you farm sustainably grown grain or deploy green tech solutions, we’d be glad to talk. And if you’re a food manufacturer or marketer in search of the highest-quality flour from a highly responsible company, then you’ve found it. Contact us today to explore how we can work together for better business and a better future.

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